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    1. Baoding Furuike Special Ceramic Products Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer which researches and manufactures high performance friction materials, the friction material FRK980 is researched and developed on the basic of wind turbine brake system special technical data. Now yaw brake pads for wind power yaw brake system are in the development process. We had get the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.


      We have researched and developed wind turbine friction materials since 2002.  We had successively manufactured SYSC-1 test rig for simulating minor inertial brakes, SYTJ-2 scaffolding test rig for simulating high-speed axis brakes, and SYTJ-3 test rig for simulating yaw brake on wind turbine generators. SYTJ-2 is the first test rig in China, it has perfect measurement and control system, the max inertia can be up to 669kg*O, the max rotate speed can be up to 2000 rpm(linear velocity 85m/s). And it can successfully simulate the wind turbine brake test, all of the wind turbine within 2MW are available. Customer and CCS appreciate the test rig SYTJ-2, they usually visit and do the test in our factory. The performance and test system is

      We have Scientific and standarded management system. Scientific management system, strong technical strength, and complete detection means will be the guarantee of the good market for Furuike. We carry out enterprise standard (Q/FRK 01-2010) from production to sale. We have professional R&D team, perfect experimental method to provide good quality products.

      SYTJ-2   SYTJ-2
      SYTJ-2   SYSC-1
      SYTJ-3   SYSC-1